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Services and Estimated Fees

Fees and payment method may vary and will be discussed with the customer before services begin.

Discounts on multiple horses!

Payment expected on day of service.

A farm call fee of $25.00 is charged if travel is greater than 50 miles round trip. The fee is waived for dental work on 3 or more horses.

Basic equilibration - includes:
  • Molar table corrections
  • Removal of minor "hooks" and "ramps"
  • Realignment of minor incisor maloclussion
  • Removal of buccal and lingual "points"
  • Reduction of minor protuberant molars
Major hook/ramp removal
$30 - $75
Major realignment and balancing of incisors
$30 - $60
Major protuberant molar reduction
$50 - $85
Wolf tooth extraction
$10 per tooth
Canine reduction and buff
$10 per tooth
Remove incisor caps and fragments
$10 - $25
Remove deciduous molar caps and fragments
$10 - $25
Molar extractions
$50 - $200
Incisor extractions
$50 - $200
Tartar removal
$10 - $30

* Tooth extractions are an invasive procedure. For the well-being of your horse - and as required by law - any extractions must be performed under the supervision of a veterinarian.